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“A Negative Thinker See A Difficulty In Every Opportunity. A Positive Thinker See An Opportunity In Every Difficulty That Goes In Their Way ”

I’ve been working in the manufacturing industry for around 15 years and my immediate impression at that time when I first join the MNC is that I have secured my future. You can say that I am very naïve and I have to admit that I am very naïve.  After a series of unpleasant experience that I have to go through during the economy downturn, this makes me realize one thing that is I can never ever be too comfortable with working for people.

All these gave me a new paradigm shift that makes me started to explore internet marketing as my second income. Since then, internet marketing has become my passion where I am dedicated in helping others who will benefit from my unique insights of internet marketing.

My unique insight of internet marketing will be:

  1. social media marketing (Facebook, Google+,  Twitter, Linkedin)
    • Digital Strategy
    • Search Marketing
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Web Analytics
    • User Experience Design
    • Conversion Optimization


  2.  E-commerce (Setting up web-based business using platform like lelong.com.my, easy.my, mudah.my,ebay.com.my)


Internet Marketing Portal – http://ukendo.com/
Facebook Marketing Page – http://facebook.com/ukendo


P/S: You got to master Marketing skill regardless of how great your product is. Without great marketing, your business won’t grow to the fullest potential, or simply means your business is not making Profit!)

I am here to help those people who really have an open mind to keep learning new things, who is teachable, and willing to sacrifice their time, their effort and money into growing their business!

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