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Many thanks to this latest software program, you could rank your YouTube videos on the page 1 for extremely enormous keywords. Well, you do not should scrap with a great deal of various other businesses for long-tail traffic. You could begin targeting lots of traffic-rich keywords and generate great deals of cash.

Exceptionally, you will certainly have an army of targeted and cost-free traffic at your own command. In addition, you have an opportunity to use a quite remarkable Search Engine Optimization firepower without changing your very own PC. Yes, this powerful software is integrateded Adobe Air and it indicates that it could deal with both Windows and Mac. Video Vantage is also guaranteed to deal with your very own device.

Really, with this program, you will certainly not should worry concerning having a lot of back links and you could place as many videos as you select. You will certainly quit throwing away cash or undependable outsources. You will be sent any type of new model of this software application without any type of additional price. That is why I highly suggest this highly effective software program to every one of you. Let’s get it right now!


About The Author
Even there are many successfully online marketers available, yet we frequently find out about Devin Zander which is referred to as expert in SEO. Devin has a great deal of experience in on the internet advertising and marketing and I believe that his product will certainly aid you rate your video YouTube on the web page 1 quickly and quickly.

Video Vantage Review – How Does It Work?
Also there is little details about this newest software program, however I have called with the author, Devin and then he shared with me a bunch of useful points concerning his brand-new program. You know this most current software is takes into consideration as a distinct one that will upload your customers along with video clips then rank them on the web page 1 with a few of clicks.

This software program is truly expected by many thousands Internet online marketers like you and me.The newest software will not just assist you to upload videos to YouTube, but it will certainly get hold of all video details then make hundreds of social book markings by utilizing all information also.It will browse out relevant high Public Relations web page and posts back links on them, making use of the anchor content.It will apply the same precise and powerful method that the creator has actually used to rank for thousands keywords like his video on web page One for” ways to drop weight”.

Many thanks to this software program, you can check out the quickest and simplest form of SEO and quit costly outsourcing costs.You will certainly discover Atlas that is a secret formula the developer placed with each other to make certain enormous results for your very own clients.

There is a bunch of useful details about this exceptional program, but I believe that it benefits you to find it by yourself. The primary reason I suggest you get Video Vantage is possibly the Off-page Optimization part. Well, this software has actually been made to automate the entire hyperlink structure procedure that suggests that you could develop hundred of back links to your uploaded videos easily and promptly.

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Discussing Long Tail Pro

Get ready for a comprehensive long tail pro review.
This really is basically a paid tool that you employ to fix your keyword problems. Please don’t increase the risk for the same mistakes that I did and be more conscious of keywords when you blog.

Keywords are your foundation. You need them right or there is absolutely no point doing anything. Also with videos, you need to optimize them so that people actually find them. Otherwise they will you will be lost in virtual reality.

This long tail pro review has already delved into the depths of Online marketing. This paid tool is among the greatest of the market and takes you with the whole process from keyword ideas and refines them right through to a finished phrase used.

You can use this phrase to publish a blog post about or shoot a video or similar. For a way you promote these content articles, you’ll have a surge in traffic to your small business. You must do the keywords first though. Which is essential.

So long tail pro doesn’t cost much monthly and gives you a lot value. There is  training provided as well that will help you learn how to utilize it faster. It isn’t the only real paid keyword tool out there nonetheless it is probably the best.

When I write this long tail pro review, I prefer a brother tool called Market Samurai. This equipment are simply on par, it is extremely challenging to split them. Market Samurai is a little slower though.

So really enter and do a lot of research before you decide to create your business. I personally blogged a whole lot once without researching keywords or promoting the articles either. It can be imperative that you don’t do that.

For me, it had been nearly finished my offer. So I’m letting you know to avoid it. It really is time to get busy and make it rain!

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How to Do Online Business in Malaysia

How to Do Online Business in Malaysia


To start an online business in Malaysia, you need to:

  1. Register with MMC, if your business activity relates to telecommunication sector.
  2. Register with CCM as a business enterprise
  3. Get a domain name, a hosting account and a properly designed website. If you want to try out before spending additional money on these items, you can still sell through Facebook, eBay,,, your blogs and other social media sites.
  4. Register and declare income with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia


The followings are detailed write up for each of the above steps:


1. How to Register with MMC

You only need to register with MMC, if your business is related to the telecommunication industry.

It is recommended that you visit the nearest MMC’s office and discuss your business idea. Check out MMC’s website for the nearest office. You may want to read the guideline first, before meeting up with their representative. Here’s the link to the Guideline Page.


2. How to Register a Company Name and Business with


For guidelines on which business entity you want to start your business, and how to register a company name, please refer to Companies Commission of Malaysia’s website. Link to the respective sites, as follows:

  1. Starting a Sole Proprietorship/Partnership Note: Please ignore the fee amount stated on this website page; as currently, they are offering an incentive package of RM50 for 5 years effective 1st June 2012 until 31st December 2012.
  1. Limited and Unlimited Companies: Application for Name Search and Incorporation of Company (Local), and Incorporation of Company (Foreign)

It is recommended that you visit their office in person to do the registration, which takes 1 hour for business registration and 1 day for company registration. If you prefer to do on-line, the link to e-lodgement is here.


3. Get Domain Name, Hosting Account and Website

I assumed that you already know what product you will be selling online, done your research on your competitors, know what will be your unique selling proposition (USP) and ready to start an online business


Selling Online through Your Website


If you prefer your own dedicated website, to do online sales, then go through the following checklists:


  • Domain Name: You can either buy an existing domain name or register a new domain name for your website. Alternatively, your web hosting service company or your website designer may also provide this service. There are several companies in Malaysia that will sell ready-made domain or register a new domain name with extension .my,,, and An internet search will give you several companies. Made an appointment to see them and discuss your requirement. Remember to choose and work with a reliable company.


  • Web Hosting Company: Your website needs to be hosted on a web server for the public to view and buy your product. You can either choose an independent company for the web hosting service, or take the package provided when you buy your domain or through your website designer. Check out for storage capacity, domain based email, server uptime percentage (i.e. how long the servers are “up” and running), server security, ability to host a blog and feedback forms. These are some of the criteria to consider when selecting a web hosting company.


  • Website Design: You can buy a ready-made website or have one designed to meet your specific requirement. Your website must have at least the shopping cart, ability to do self-edit, fast in loading the page, good layout and photo placement. Most people don’t have the patience to read websites, they scan them. So be brief and split your homepage in chucks for easy access. As always, ask for a demo before deciding.


  • Shopping Cart Software: A good and easy online shopping experience is crucial to successful sales. Even if your product is value for money, but if the buying process is slow and difficult, you may not get repeat customers. So ensure a good website layout, good shopping elements and features, several payment options, shipping and delivery options with reasonable rates. Check the demo before buying.


  • Payment Method: In Malaysia, you can sign up with companies such as PayPal Malaysia, iPay88 or MOLPay (formerly known as NBePay) as a payment gateway for your sales transaction. These are trusted and respected companies and potential buyers have no hesitation to buy from your website. iPay88 and MOLPay also accept Malaysian Online Bank transfer, to cater to customers who do not have a credit card. You may also opt for direct debit via Internet Banking such as Maybank2u but a potential buyer may be hesitant to transfer their money before receiving the goods, if they are not familiar with your company.


  • Shipping: If your shipping cost is high, and delivery time is long, these will also deter your potential buyers from buying from you. If your sales volume is high, you should negotiate with Pos Malaysia and other courier companies; for a win-win situation.


Selling Online Without a Website

If you don’t want the hassle of having a website to do online sales, you can do this through Amazon, eBay Malaysia, EtsyMalaysia, Facebook, and even through your blog site.


If you have an interest in writing and love to share your thoughts and ideas through writing, why not join HubPages? It is free and you will earn through Google AdSense or when people buy items that you advertise on Amazon or eBay capsules. Give it a try and join now, by clicking on this HubPages link.


Site Traffic

Whether you sell through a dedicated website or otherwise, you need to get traffic. If there’s no traffic, there will be no buyers. Examples of how you could get traffic to your site are:


  • Register with search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  • Online advertisement on Google or Facebook ads.
  • Offline marketing through flyers, billboard, media ads., direct mailing
  • Publish an email based newsletter
  • If you have a blog, list them in major blog directories.


4. Register and Declare Income with Inland Revenue

Lastly, you need to register and declare your income with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. This is the simplest of all the procedures and I will not be detailing the steps here; but just in case, this is their website.


UPDATE: In January 2013, the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board issued guidelines on taxation for eCommerce in Malaysia. This document explain what are taxable for e-commerce income derived from inside and outside Malaysia and other tax treatment.


Start an Online Business Soon

We spoke earlier of CCM’s requirement for everyone to be registered, to do business on-line. When we consider the huge potentials of on-line business in Malaysia, registering as a business entity is a small issue. In fact, that’s one way to gain trust from your potential buyers.

Open Your Business to a Bigger Market

If you have an existing brick and mortar business, consider expanding to a much wider market, by starting an online business, as the growth potential in Malaysia is huge.

If you are doing it part-time, or just earning through Google AdSense, don’t be dishearten of the need to register (especially now with the incentive fee payment). Your small venture might grow into something big, and as a registered business entity, it’s easier to get additional funding, if required.


To quote a Chinese proverb “All cats love fish, but fear to wet their paws” So don’t be afraid to venture into this new business environment.



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