Important Upfront Decision You Must Make

The goal of this lesson is to get you to start thinking about your business strategy online. This will involve creating an online marketing “campaign”.

According to a Marketing campaign is defined as:

A specific, defined series of activities used in marketing a new or changed product or service, or in using new marketing channels and methods”

Successful campaigns tend to be carefully researched, well thought-out and focused on details and execution, rather than resting on a single, grand idea. Planning a marketing campaign starts with understanding your position in the marketplace and ends with details such as the wording of an advertisement.

The Four Stages of Our Online Marketing Campaign

There are four basic stages of this affiliate marketing campaign  model.


The initial stage is developing a basic strategy. This will be your overall strategy for producing sales through your affiliate link. We’ll cover this today and provide a sample strategy that has proven to work for many affiliates.


After getting a good understanding of how you want to make money as an affiliate, it’s time to make some more important decisions. You’ll need to select a target market, a product to promote as an affiliate, a network to work with (or affiliate program) and a domain name in order to begin building your online property.


It’s then time to begin setting up two important things that will enable you to build significant income as an affiliate. Your online property (onto your domain name), and targeted traffic or visitors to that property.

Don’t worry we will cover all of this over the entire course!


You’ll spend the majority of your time in this final stage. This is the place where you promote your domain over and over again. There are a wide variety of ways to do this and we’ll be covering ALL of the proven effective ones. Eventually if you keep the doors open on your strategy you can even implement more advanced methods including selling your own products and using your own affiliates or sub-affiliates.

Let’s talk about each stage:

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